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 We our CSC contouring system by Blademaster can be customized to fit your style




Contouring was introduced by Sportcare to the Fredericton and Oromocto area in 1979 and have done thousands of pairs since.  A variety of radii are available to the skater.  Contouring also know as profiling or radius.





Contouring is basically changing the shape of the blade.  It puts the balance point in the correct spot for each skater.  It also puts an 11 foot or 13 foot radius in the working area of the blade which is usually a longer radius than the manufacturer puts in which increases speed and stability.  The lie is determined by the position of the player.  We have had great success with contouring.  We also have a 7 foot radius for figure skates and we have 9 and 15 foot radii which are less common for hockey.




Contouring is also available to Goaltenders.  Instead of the usual flat radius a 28 foot radius is put on the blade.  This is very useful for getting back on their feet or pivoting while standing.




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